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ADA Basic Building Blocks is an introductory webcourse on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) that is designed to help increase your knowledge and understanding of the basic principles and core concepts in the ADA and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).  

The ADA Title II Tutorial is a free tutorial about the requirements applicable to state and local government under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Overview of Disability Rights is an introduction to four major federal disability rights laws: the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Air Carrier Access Act.

ADA Title I - Employment Requirements is a free, self-paced course on the employment requirements in Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, including the revisions in the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.

The ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program is a unique program designed to meet the training and professional needs of ADA coordinators

Make the Strategic Case for Disability in the Workplace is a free course by Cornell University aimed at HR practitioners and managers to enable leaders to build a case within their organization on how inclusion of people with disabilities can add a significant advantage to the organization's strategic plan.

Including People with Disabilities & Others with Access & Functional Needs in Disaster Operations is a free course by FEMA to increase awareness and understanding of the need for full inclusion of disaster survivors who are people with disabilities.

Accommodating People with Cognitive Disabilities provides an enhanced understanding of people with cognitive disabilities, makes sense of the ADA and legal responsibilities related to people with cognitive disabilities and provides tools that can be applied in the workplace when addressing accommodations for people with cognitive disabilities.

At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilties is a free self-paced webcourse for people interested in discovering best practices for working with customers who have disabilities.

Fair Housing Act, Section 504 and the ADA focuses on the definition of disability, the differences between accommodations and modifications, documentation of a disability that a housing provider may require, undue burden, fundamental alteration and the request process.

Architectural Accessibility Laws is an overview of the four major federal laws that require accessibility in new construction or alterations: the ADA, the Architectural Barriers Act, the Fair Housing Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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