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This Request for Proposals is issued for the purpose of obtaining proposals for ADA-related events, particularly those to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the ADA in Michigan or correspond with the Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice 2024.


A total of $6,000 is available for multiple proposals.

Proposal Format:

  1. Description of Organization
  2. Brief Summary of Event Plan
  3. Date of Event
  4. Description of how funds would be used

Activity Requirements:

  1. The event shall take place around July 2024.
  2. The organization shall also provide funding for the event. 
  3. Any product shall include the following notation: Funded in part by ADA Michigan, an affiliate of the Great Lakes ADA Center, through grant #90DP0091-01-00 from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research.
  4. The event shall be held in an accessible location and any product developed must be made available in alternative formats and must be demonstrated to be an effective form of communication.
  5. The organization shall submit a brief follow-up report, which includes a final breakdown of the expenditure of provided funds and the number of attendees to ADA Michigan no later than August 31st, 2024.


Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

Representatives of ADA Michigan will act as the proposal review committee and will consider the following: 

  • The number of people potentially reached;
  • How informative and workable the event appears;
  • Whether the organization has a background on disability issues; and
  • Whether the event will be coordinated with the appearance of the Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice.


Please submit your proposal to the ADA Michigan coordinator, Dan Cooper, at dcooper@drmich.org.



ADA Michigan operates as the state steering committee for the Great Lakes ADA Center. The committee was formed in 1991 and is comprised of volunteers working together to increase awareness and knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the State of Michigan. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is available upon request in alternative formats by contacting Dan Cooper at 1-800-288-5923 (voice/TTY) or dcooper@drmich.org. Inquiries related to this proposal should also be directed to him.



Contact the ADA Michigan coordinator with questions or comments about the information on this site

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